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"Hillbilly's Country Store"

In a much simpler time, Saturday nights meant bluegrass. In the Southern Appalachians neighbors would gather at the local general store and bring their stringed, wooden instruments. Home made instruments and home made songs would fill the night air. It didn't matter if you could sing, just singing along with your neighbors was good enough.

Every Saturday night at Hillbilly's Country Store you can step back to that time. The sounds of stringed instruments are here and so are the neighbors. 


Right around nightfall the crowd starts filtering in. Pick up trucks and mini vans line the road as another Saturday night gets underway. Most carry folding chairs to the parking lot in front of Hillbilly's grocery. As tradition states, the musicians gather in front of the gas pumps, tuning their instruments. One guitar player commented that there was talk about moving the weekly gathering to a neighboring field.  "No way" he said, "Tradition says we play in front of the gas pumps, so that's where we'll stay".


Most of the people in the audience were in the 35 to 55 age group. Unfortunately, like other Southern Appalachian traditions,  the youth of the mountains have joined the "MTV" generation.  No alcohol is served and it is not allowed. Most folks like the sound of the music and that's good enough for them. 

Saturday Night

 I called ahead to make sure that the "show" was still on for Saturday night.   "Show up around dusk with your folding chair and be prepared to sing your heart out" said a voice at the other end of the phone. It was just what I expected to hear. The hospitality in the mountains of South Carolina is unsurpassed. I enjoy coming to the Saturday night gatherings just to talk with the friendly folks of Mountain Rest. After a day of hiking, a night of bluegrass seems like the right thing to do!

Gettin' There

Every Saturday night in the Summer. At the junction of Highway 28 and Highway 107 North is Hillbillies grocery. Take Hwy. 28, north from Walhalla, South Carolina.                                                       7059 Highlands Hwy
Mountain Rest, SC 29664
(864) 718-7373

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