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Linville Gorge Trail Descriptions


The steep hike down to the car was over quickly. We drove down the road to the parking area for the Spence Ridge Trail. Several Forest Service Brush Fire trucks passed us along the way. The parking lot was full of vans and Forest Service Trucks when we arrived. Firefighting tools were strewn about the ground near one of the vans. This must be the place! Before we could leave the car for Spence Ridge Trail, a Firefighter stopped his truck.

Road Closed

After backing his truck up very quickly, the fire fighter approached us in hurried manner. His biggest concern was for our safety. Many casual tourists have wandered to their death in conditions similar to these. A sudden shift in the wind can bring deadly clouds of smoke, without warning. He was polite and firm, so we left the area without a complaint. After all, the photos that we shot that day were good enough. 


A Firefighter/Bouncer at the Spence Ridge Trailhead




We will return when the fire is under control.  Look for some photos of the fire damage in the upcoming weeks.


A helicopter releases another load beneath Table Rock






Within two hours of our arrival on the summit, smoke obscured the view of Table Rock



Linville Gorge Trail Descriptions

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