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There are thousands of miles of trails in the North and South Carolina Mountains. The descriptions on this web site are intended to inform and entertain. We expect that every hiker obeys the obvious rules of the back country The following descriptions are not intended to be the sole reference material for hikers. Here is a list of essential gear for a hike in the Carolinas>>.  Maps for all of the hikes cataloged on this site can be found here>> 

I'm from North Carolina; Carroll and SCJack are from South Carolina. We all have years of trail experience and would like to share it with other hikers. We don't claim to know it all and are open to all suggestions because we still learn new things on our hikes. With the enthusiasm of new hikers, we present this site!

See you on the trail!



When we speak of "National Forests", we are referring to the US National Forests of the Southern region. Pisgah, Nantahala, Sumter, Cherokee, Jefferson and George Washington to name a few. Camping is allowed without permits anywhere you can find a spot. Unless it's otherwise posted and if it is not on private land, you can pitch your tent anywhere that is not restricted by signage or within 150 feet of a water source.  


The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is another one our favorite haunts. No hunting is allowed and the wildlife sightings, including elk, are very common. 550,000+ acres of unspoiled wilderness. Camping in the backcountry is by permit only. To learn more about the backcountry permit system follow this link>>


Each state park has a distinct identity. None of them allow hunting and all but the smallest have organized campgrounds. The parks mentioned on this web site are located in the mountain regions of both Carolinas.  Contact the following web sites for more information:

North Carolina State Parks>>

South Carolina State Parks>>

Our Bios>>

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