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Table Rock (SC) Trail Renovations

Table Rock State Park, the crown jewel of the mountain region parks, is undergoing a major trail renovation project. All ten miles of trails within the state park will be affected. The trails, built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930's, are in desperate need of attention and are severely eroded in many places. Recently a federal grant for 50,000 dollars has been allocated for this, the first rehabilitation of any state park trails. 

There are three trails in the park. Carrick Creek trail at 2 miles, Pinnacle Mountain Trail at3.4 miles and the most popular, Table Rock Trail at 3.5 miles. Pinnacle Mountain and Table Rock trails are extremely steep and have serious erosion problems. The water bars have washed out and the trails are often treacherous gullies. When it rains, rivers flow down the strenuous trails, making it an extremely challenging hike.

The project will take 16 weeks to complete and has brought volunteers from as far away as Holland. 

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