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Bear Safety Conclusion

The recent death of Glenda has made many hikers uneasy. Guns are illegal in most hiking areas including the Smokies. Most experts agree that guns are not the best defense against Black Bears. EPA approved Bear spray is considered the most effective weapon against a charging bear. Spraying a cloud of this heavy duty pepper spray into the path of a charging bear will turn back an agitated bear. Bear sprays must be between 1.0% and 2.0% Capsaicin and related capsaicinoids in order to be effective. Common pepper spray found in department stores are virtually ineffective for this purpose. 

Bear Pepper Spray

Only use pepper spray that is designed for repelling bears. This is to be used only as a last resort and is no substitute for common sense. It is important to remember that the "Bear Spray" is not 100 percent effective and does not work in all cases. Be sure to purchase a hip holster in order to have the spray accessible at all times.

Bear Sprays canisters should contain at least 7 ounces of pepper material, be approved by the EPA, have a hip holster for easy access and be able to spray a dense cloud at least 10 to 15 feet.

Bear Guard                  http://www.guardianproducts.com/

Bear Peppermace        http://www.mace.com/

Counter Assault           http://www.counterassualt.com/

Guard Alaska               http://www.guardalaska.com/

UDAP Pepper Power   http://www.udap.com/

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