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Big Creek Trails

Overnight Hike

The hike to Walnut Bottoms, campsite 37, is an excellent overnighter. This is by far the most popular hike in this area. Because this is a reservation only back-country campsite, it fills up quickly. to check for availability call: (865) 436-1231 to arrange for reservations.

Two Night Loop

To make a two night loop you can take the Big Creek trail to Walnut Bottoms for the first night. As described earlier, this section of the hike has great views of the creek. To add another night to this loop, back-track across the bridge and climb up the Swallow Fork trail 4 miles to Pretty Hollow Gap. From here turn left and begin the steep 1.5 mile climb to the Mount Sterling Fire-tower and campsite 38. This site is also reserved and requires reservations. From here you can take in views from the 1933 CCC built fire-tower. There is a spring here 1/2 mile ahead on the Baxter Creek Trail. The following day, continue straight ahead on the Baxter Creek Trail. This steep down-hill hike travels through an old growth forest. There are also some interesting rock formations along the way. It is much easier to go down this trail than climb it, the elevation change is 4100 feet. This hike has creek scenes and great views, it's hard to beat!

Campground Trail

There are small trails that wander around the campsite and join the creek. One of the trails joins the Big Creek Trail after a short steep climb. These are un-oficial trails and are not on the map. They are well defined and are a perfect diversion for those that want a short and interesting hike.

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