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camp39.jpg (5101 bytes)Campsite 39

LENGTH: 1.2 Miles      SKILL: Novice

PROS: Pretty Hollow Creek, smooth trail  CONS: None

WATER: Lots   NOTES: Bear activity has been reported at Campsite 39.


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Because of the greater than normal precipitation this year, some foot log crossings are washed out. The foot log crossing at campsite 39 is currently washed out and unusable. Contact the park service for more information about current trail conditions.

This is a very short hike to a beautiful spot along Pretty Hollow Creek. This picturesque creek, filled with moss covered rocks, is directly across the trail from the campsite. The hike to 39 follows this lively creek that begins at pretty Hollow Gap in the higher elevations.

             camp402.jpg (25405 bytes)    

                       The open area of Campsite 39 under the Hemlocks.       

Under a grove of Hemlocks, this shady campsite has plenty of room for many tents. Privacy is possible because of the large area that 39 covers. On a recent visit here bear activity signs were posted around the perimeter of the campsite. While reading one of the warning signs I noticed that there was a large pile of bear scat strategically placed under it. It was almost as if the bear read the sign and left his or her calling card !

                camp401.jpg (42588 bytes)

                     Pretty Hollow Creek. An old stone wall leftover from pre-park days .

Cataloochee | Campsite 39 | Campsite 40

Photos | Cataloochee Information

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