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Cherohala Skyway Trails


Lots of short hikes are accessible from the skyway. The US Forest Service administers the rest areas and the trails in this area. Most of the trails are well defined or marked but the possibility of getting lost is still there. As with most areas in the higher elevations weather is un-predictable.

 Precipitation frozen or otherwise can appear seemingly without warning. Despite the forecast of a clear day rain gear and the proper clothing is a must here.This is truly a wilderness area and help can be far away.

Short Hikes

Two short hikes that we enjoyed are listed below. More are on the way!

Mulberry Bald

This a short hike that leads out to expansive views of the Citco Creek and Joycw Kilmer Wilderness. The US Forest Service maintains this bald and this is a highly recommended walk.

Hooper Bald 

Beginning at a US Forest Service maintained overlook, this is an interesting area to explore. The trail head is just before the rest rooms on a gravel trail. The 1/2 mile walk to the bald is on a gravel bed that is lined by railroad ties. A trail junction with  

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