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Hiking Shuttles

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The Smokies and other areas

The hiking shuttles that are the most reliable can be found near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Here is a short list:

Jeff and Nancy at the Hiker Inn (828) 479-3677. They operate a pickup/drop off shuttle
for points between Springer and Newport TN.


Happy Hiker: (865)436-5632

C & O Taxi:  (865)436-5893

Big Creek

Kathy and Tom Oke: (828) 648-3857

Bryson City

Smoky Mountain Shuttle:  Will take hikers to their trails in the Smokies, Asheville airport pickup, along with other shuttles for rafting, kayaking, canoe clinics to N.O.C. area and Fontana.
  We would like at least a 2 week notice and can be reached from now until May 1 at (863) 984-7329, after May 1st, (828)497-2692.  
Located in Whittier, NC about 20 minutes from the Smoky Gateway.

Safety Cab: (828) 488-22486

Fontana Lake

This is the most interesting shuttle of them all. A boat ride takes you across Fontana Lake and drops you off anywhere you would like, along the Lakeshore Trail.   The Lakeshore Trail follows the lake on the park side of the lake and can be used for a great hike back to the car. 

Call: Fontana Village Marina (828) 498-2211 Ext. 277

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