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Linville Gorge Tips

1) Weismans View is accessible by car on the Kistler Memorial Highway. The rough dirt road leads to this favorite view that is handicap accessible.

2) Watch for side trails while hiking in the wilderness. It is easy to get side tracked from the main trail on the many "Fishing" trails that criss-cross the wilderness.

3) Bad place to solo hike. Enough said.

4) The Linville Falls area is accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is administered by the U. S. Park Service. It can get crowded but it is an easy hike to some great views  of the falls. The one mile trail that leads down to the base of the falls is the least crowded.

5) The contact station at the beginning of the Kistler Memorial Highway is a worthwhile stop. Backcountry permits, maps, books and good advice can be found here. 

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