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The Trails

The more well traveled trails are near the Cesar's Head State Park Headquarters and the Jones Gap State Park office. Here the trails are frequented by local area people that are out for a nice swim or leisurely walk along the trail. What makes this area unique is the large amount of non-hikers that enjoy the rivers and wide trails. The variety of trails is amazing. With more than 45 miles of trails, it is sure that any hiker should be satisfied with the hiking experience here. My favorite loop is the following:

  • Trail # 1 Foothills Trail from Jones Gap State Park to
  • Trail # 5 to
  • Trail # 2 to
  • Trail # 1 for a moderate 5 mile hike
Other trails for a more experienced hiker are:

Get Lost

Despite the presence of trail markers hikers invariably get lost. In the more well traveled sections of the park, trail signs, maps and well worn paths are the rule. The less traveled areas can get confusing. A variety of jeep roads and unmaintained trails can turn around even the most experienced hiker. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you leave your itinerary with the check in stations at the trail heads.



Fortunately camping here is very limited. The sites are only available by reservation only, and there are few sites available on the weekends. You can reserve a site by visiting the Jones Gap State Park Office. The office is open seven days a week, however, it is only open between the hours of 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Often, on the busier days, there is a line outside of the office waiting for the Park Ranger to show up.


Gettin' There

Take Interstate 85 South or North to Greenville South Carolina. Take exit 36 a or b, depending on which direction you approach from, to I-385. Continue ahead at the end of the limited access highway, past the Bi-Lo Center. Follow 25/276 north. Take Route 276, a left turn, north. Follow Rt. 276 north 12.4 miles from the center of Greenville. Turn right at the Jones Gap State Park sign and follow this road 5.2 miles to the gates of Jones Gap State Park. To reach Cesar's Head State Park, continue past the Jones Gap State Park Sign another 10.6 miles. Raven Cliff Falls parking is an additional 1.2 miles past Cesar's Head State Park.

Contact Information
303 Jones Gap RD
Marietta,SC 29661
Phone: (864) 836-3647
Fax: (864) 836-3647
Office Hours: 11am-noon
Admissions: $2 age 16+; $1.50 SC seniors; age 15 & younger free
Days and Hours of Operation: M-Su 9am-6pm (extended to 9pm during Daylight Savings Time)

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