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Standing Indian

One of the highest points on the Appalachian Trail, south of the Smokies, Standing Indian has breathtaking panoramic views. Looking south towards Georgia, the mountains seem to roll on and on. Named after a Cherokee legend that speaks of an Indian sentinel that turned to stone, A.T. thru-hikers make this a must  see on their journey north. Steve is standing next to Rosebay Rhododendron that is blooming. Contrary to commonly held beliefs, Rosebay Rhododendron can be found at all elevations. Standing Indian is a relatively short hike from the parking area. To get there take US 64 west of Franklin, NC. Take a left on Forest Road 71 just past the Rainbow Springs Campground. Drive to the parking area and follow the signs on the Appalachian Trailhead for a 3 mile uphill walk to Standing Indian.    

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