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View from the Alum Cave Bluff Trail

This is one of the better hikes in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The 4.9 mile trail hikes to the top of a series of 4 peaks called Mt. LeConte. This cluster of high peaks are 1.3 miles across and the elevations range from 6344 feet on West Point to 6593 feet at High Top. If you like diversity this is the hike for you. It starts out as a typical Smokies creek hike, climbs through "Old growth" forest and ends at the Mount LeConte Lodge. The Mount LeConte Lodge, established before the park was chartered, is only accessible by hikers. All provisions for the lodge are replenished by "llama trains" that haul goods up the steep mountain to ensure that weary hikers have great meals.   You must make reservations at the Mt. LeConte Lodge  and you may have to wait for months.
If you had one day to do one hike in the Smokies, this is the one. There are many ways to the top of LeConte, so we recommend a shuttle.

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