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Raven Rock Falls

Lake Toxaway, NC

by Jack Thyen (SCJack)

Hike Distance: 1.5 miles (Out & Back hike of about 0.75 miles each way)

Difficulty Rating: Easy: 3 out of 10 on the difficulty scale

Trail Quality & Enjoyment Rating: 9 out of 10

Pros: Excellent Waterfall, many interesting features packed into a short trail.

Cons: None

Camping: None along this trail. Backcountry camping is allowed in the nearby Panthertown Valley National Forest.  The Pounding Branch Campground is also nearby.  


This wonderful waterfall and trail is located on the private property of Lake Toxaway Estates.  Please respect their land and as always, practice Leave No Trace!


Gettin' There:   Near Lake Toxaway, North Carolina  From the junction of US64 & NC281, head North about 1 mile.  Just past the Lake Toxaway Fire Station, turn left onto Cold Mountain Road.  Eventually the paved road turns to gravel, and shortly after that you will see Shower Falls, a small waterfall on the right side of the road.  At this point, start looking at the telephone poles, which are numbered in sequence.  The trailhead is almost impossible to see from the raod, and there is so sign, but it is next to telephone pole #61 on the left side of the road.  The road widens slightly at this point to allow room for a few cars to park on the shoulder.


Hike Description:

Once you find the trailhead, the Raven Rock Falls Trail is easy to follow.  It is an nice, gradual descent just about the whole way.  Although it is only about 3/4 of a mile to the Falls, there are alot of interesting features packed into this short trail.

Almost immediately upon hitting the trail, you can hear the sounds of water.  On the right, you will pass by a small waterfall cascading down the rock.  Soon after, you will approach a larger waterfall dropping over a rock overhang.  A wooden bridge takes you underneath the rock and behind the waterfall.  Watch your head here!

The wonderful sounds of waterfalls start to get loader as you near the base of Raven Rock Falls.  This very impressive and scenic waterfall drops about 80-ft down the side of Raven Rock Mountain.

After enjoying Raven Rock Falls, return on the trail the same way you came.


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