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Rough Ridge     

Mile Post 302 B.R.P.

Rough Ridge Photos | Blue Ridge Pkwy Hikes

This short hike of only 1/5 of a mile takes you to a breath taking view of the Wilson Creek Basin. Rough Ridge is part of the Tanawah Trail, a 700,000 dollar trail that runs for 13 miles along the BRP. Tanawah means fabulous hawk in Cherokee. This section of the trail travels across a well built boardwalk installed by the National Park service.

The boardwalk was installed to protect the very delicate flower of the sand myrtle plant. Sand myrtle grows on the rocky outcrops and balds of the Southern Appalachians. Most hikers never see this plant because it is extremely fragile. Just one footstep on this beautiful plant destroys it forever. Sections of Mt. LeConte's summit have been closed to protect this gorgeous plant from destruction. This boardwalk allows hikers to observe this plant closely without damaging the tiny little flowers.

Because  the boardwalk travels over the rocky bald of Rough Ridge, the views are panoramic. As you look south, the rolling terrain of the Wilson Creek Basin fills the view. To the very right of the view is the very tall Black Mountain Range in the distance. Behind you is the towering Grandfather Mountain, the highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Maybe it's the views. Maybe it's the short length of the hike. Whatever the reason the "ridge" can get very crowded.   You may be too awestruck by the views to notice. The Park Service has made this rocky trail stable by pouring concrete between the cracks of the rocky access trail. This makes these wonderful views accessible to most anyone that can walk.

Rough Ridge Photos | Blue Ridge Pkwy Hikes


Located at mile post 302, Rough Ridge is between the Linn Cove Viaduct and Price Park. The Park Service has temporarily removed the sign in the parking area. Traveling north on the BRP, Rough Ridge is just past the viaduct on the left.

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