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Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Jack Thyen (SCJack) did not start seriously hiking until divorce set him free in 1999.  He can be found almost any weekend day hiking the trails in Upstate SC and Western NC.  His favorite place to hike is the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area.

During the week, SCJack works as an Industrial Engineering Manager for a pair of Spartanburg, SC manufacturing plants.  He does his part to make sure there is an adequate supply of draft beer, by maximizing the efficiency of the only North American Beer Keg manufacturer.

Outside of hiking and work, SCJack is an avid Virginia Tech Football Fan and has been know to occasionally hack that little white ball around the golf course.  In his spare time he enjoys relaxing with a good book and working on a little side business where he buys and sells Hess Gasoline collectable toy trucks: www.hesstrucks.net



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