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Stratton Bald Joyce Kilmer Wilderness


Easy to Moderate


A few streams and some small seeps


A great example of a Southern Appalachian Bald in its natural state


Trail can be difficult to follow


Views are slightly obscured by vegetation

Location Near Robbinsville, NC and the Cherohala Skyway

Location Map | Yellow Mountain | Max Patch

Roan Highlands | Andrews Bald

T 5360 feet in elevation, Stratton Bald is located on the boundary of the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness. It is maintained by the United States Forest Service and is a fine example of a Southern Appalachian bald.

This is the former domain of Bob Stratton, he liked cool weather and loved the remote location..
Local legend states that Mr. Stratton roamed these hills yelling "Hey Oh", "Hey Oh". Although this is a legend, the "Haoe Lead" trail was named after this once circulated rumor.

Flame Azalea blooms beside the trail

Intermittent views can be seen by climbing to the ridge line along the trail

Most of this trail is in the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness. You can expect the trails to be primitive and covered with dense undergrowth

A dense forest filled with northern hardwoods and other species you would not find in the lower elevations
The sun sets on Stratton Bald

The many berry bushes that cover the bald attracts area bear "visitors"

A thunderstorm rolls in

Although the views are obstructed, you can see neighboring mountains to the south of Joyce Kilmer

If you don't like the weather on Stratton Bald......

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