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Table Rock State Park, South Carolina


  Moderate to Strenuous


  A small spring between Governor's Rock and the summit of Table Rock


 Views, Civilian Conservation Corps history, National Recreation Trail


Very steep


Bring a picnic lunch, you'll want rest after you make it to the top!

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Table Rock

For those of you who thought that there weren't any mountains in South Carolina, this one is for you.  The highest elevation in the park is a 3425 feet, and the views here are just incredible. The mountains rise suddenly near the North Carolina border, climbing three thousand feet in just a few miles. The local people here refer to the resulting wall of mountains as the "Blue Wall". Because of this rapid ascent, the views from the leading edge of mountains are truly unique and the precipitation is unpredictable. From the top of Table Rock, the views over the flatter, lower elevations of South Carolina are "one of a kind" . This is an excellent introduction to the South Carolina mountains or as the local residents call it, the "Upcountry".

Old Resort

A hotel and resort was built here in 1840, establishing this area as a vacation destination. Since then, the area that is now the park has always been a get away for the citizens of Greenville and beyond . The park land was a gift to the state of South Carolina from  Greenville and Pickens counties. The depression era Civilian Conservation Corp developed the land and in 1940 the Table Rock State Park opened to the public. Due to a close attention to detail and quality, much of what was developed in the thirties is still present today. Until recently, the trails had not received any major overhauls and many of the original buildings stand today. 

Highway 11

The drive to Table Rock is also part of this overall experience. Highway 11, one of South Carolina's scenic drives, allows the best view of this region from the lower elevations. The well maintained highway winds below the edge of mountains known as the "Blue Wall". Highway 11 travels through a pastoral countryside that is an endless scene of farms and private residences. There is a conspicuous lack of commercial development here.  The state of South Carolina has developed a system of parks that are evenly spaced along this little known two lane highway. So, if you decide to take this route to Table Rock, you will be rewarded with a relaxing scenic drive through South Carolinas upcountry.

Table Rock Photos | Directions | Weather 

 Table Rock Trails | SC State Parks

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