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Here are ten essential items that should be brought along for any hike or walk in the Mountains.  

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Rain-Gear - Gore-Tex or compact, coated nylon jacket and pants.

Compass - Even if you don't know use one, it can prevent you from walking in circles.

First Aid Kit - Worth carrying, even if you only need it once.

Cliff Bars - Extra food for extreme situations.

Water Filter or Iodine Tablets - You can be far safer with safe water.

Cell Phone - Don't count on it but they work from most high-points.

 Small Tarp - Small piece of plastic or tube tent to be used just in case.

Candle (Waterproof Matches) In case you need to spend the night or start a fire for warmth.

Hiking Partner - Safer and more fun than hiking solo.

Map - Don't leave the trail head without one

All of the above can fit into a fanny pack and weighs a total of less than ten pounds.

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