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Big Creek Tips

1. For a good, inexpensive sandwich, follow the signs to the Leatherwood Store

2. "Mountain Mommas" has hot meals and any other supplies that you might need.

3. The Cosby campground, another park service campground, is open year 'round and almost always has sites available.

4. Do not swim in Big Creek. Lives have been lost here because of foot entrapment and swift currents

5. Don't filter water from the Pigeon River, it has a multitude of chemical contaminants.

6. Be aware that the Baxter Creek Trail has a 4100 foot elevation change and requires hours to reach the top.

7. Horses always have the right of way on the trail.

8. If you find yourself seriously short of supplies, there is a Wal-Mart and grocery stores a short 15 miles away, in Newport Tennessee. 

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