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Linville Gorge Trails

Eastern Rim

  • Shortoff Mountain Trail  #235 Intermediate

Great views as you leave the Table Rock parking lot. Many have car camped here and the Forest Service has begun cracking down on the violators.  This trail follows the ridge that separates the mountains from the piedmont of North Carolina. The views are one of a kind, looking out over farms and homes far below in the piedmont. Turning the other way has, west, has views of an endless carpet of mountains. This one of North Carolinas best view hikes.

  • Jonas Ridge Trail  #245 Advanced

This trail is relatively easy to follow and has some great views also. A side trail takes you to Hawksbill Mountain, a 4000 footer. This worthwhile, short but steep side trail takes you out on to the landmark "Bill" of Hawksbill. Great views. The trail goes further to Sitting Bear Mountain and then on to Gingercake mountain along Jonas Ridge. More great views.  

  • Devils Hole Trail  #244 Advanced

A side trail from Jonas Ridge Trail. A steep and very primitive trail that plunges down into the gorge. It ends at the Linville River.

  • Spence Ridge Trail #223 Advanced

Another trail that takes you from the rim down to the Linville River. Many hikers cross here and join the Linville Gorge Trail.

Western Rim

  • Linville Gorge Trail #231 Advanced

This is a great trail that runs nearly the entire length of the gorge. It follows the river as it winds its way through the towering , sheer rock walls. Lots of moving water and interesting rock formations. Often the trail loses sight of the river but if you walk far enough you will join the river again. At times the trail can be hard to find due to the large number of "Fishing" trails that lead to dead ends and dangerous situations. It's very easy to lose the trail in the gorge. 

  • Babel Tower Trail #240 Intermediate

A great introduction to Linville Gorge. This very popular trail has an easy grade for most of it's path down to the river. As you descend into the gorge the dense undergrowth is stunning. Walls built by the CCC in the '30's are still visible and in good shape. At the junction of the Linville Gorge Trail, in an open area of flat rocks, are several campsites. The trail continues ahead and climbs up to the rock formation, "Babel Tower" , for views high above the gorge. To follow the trail down to the river, double back and turn down the Linville Gorge and follow the steep switchbacks down to the river.

  • Pinch In Trail #228 Advanced

This trail descends to the deepest and most remote section of Linville Gorge. The trail is not heavily used and is great to use to get away from it all. Like other trails in the wilderness getting lost here can be very easy.

  • Sandy Flats Trail #230 Advanced

At the very beginning of this trail is an excellent view of Table Rock and the Piedmont in the distance. After that the trail begins its' descent down a sheer rock wall. This very steep trail takes you down, very quickly, to a flat spot beside the river. At the junction of the Linville Gorge trail, there are enough spots for many tents. 

  • Conley Cove Trail #229 Intermediate

A well defined trail that leads down into one of the most popular sections of the Linville Gorge Trail. This trail begins with a view of Table Rock, on the road, before it begins its descent into the gorge.

  • Cabin Trail #246 Advanced

A very steep trail that leads to the former site of a cabin that was used by locals for hunting. Because of the steep grade this trail is not recommended. Many ankles have been twisted on this trail.

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