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Political Resource Work-Center

The League of Conservation Voters

 maintains this page to rate each representative on their environmental responsibility. Check out your representative and his voting activities, then use the other links below for further investigation.


The Thomas Congressional Register 

is administered by the Library of Congress and is the definitive resource for all activities in the U.S. Congress.  The text of the bills and actions on the floors can be found here. There isn't any hiding from the raw facts. Find out who is really conservative and who sold out.


The U.S. Senate 

is where the buck stops. The final stop for all potential legislation these politicians wield the most power of all. Now that you know what they are up to write to them and let them know how you feel.


U.S. House of Representatives      

This is where  the bills begin the process of approval. . Be sure to ask them what they are supporting to clean up our air and water. Are they protecting any endangered species?  


State and Local

governments have many sites for you to contact for information. Voters with an itchy e-mail finger may get even more tangible results by starting with representatives that they can actually drop in on. This also has many other helpful links on the local level.


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