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Rain or frozen precipitation is possible at any time in the higher elevations, the weather here is unpredictable at best. Any season of the year can bring freezing temperatures without any notice.  Hikers have suffered extreme cases of hypothermia and subsequent death, in every month of the year. Don't leave the trail-head without rain gear, even for a short hike. 

Smokies Weather    A good source for weather at the higher elevations, it gives you an idea of approximate temperatures at all elevations.   Mt. LeConte is over 6400 feet high, so the temperature indicated here will tell you what to expect at the highest of elevations!

Franklin, NC     Weather for North Georgia and the Nantahala National Forest, home of Eric Rudolph!

Live southern view of the smokies      See what the weather looks like before you go. This view looks deep into the Great Smoky Mountains.
Live northern view of the smokies  A view from Purchase Knob

Pisgah Views  Views from Mount Pisgah at the highest peaks of the Pisgah National Forest.   

Boone, NC        Weather for the Wilson Creek Area. This area is located at the base of Grandfather Mountain.

Max Patch            Weather at the top of this famous bald

Brevard, NC                    Weather for Pisgah and the waterfall area.

The Foothills Trail                 Weather for the Foothills Trail.

Gatlinburg Tn.            Weather for the Cherokee Nat. Forest.    

Virginia High-country       Weather for the Virginia high country, including Mt. Rogers.

Georgia High-country     The incredibly steep North Georgia mountains. 

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